26th Rallye Maroc Classic – La Route du Coeur – Back on the 26th edition

26th Rallye Maroc Classic – La Route du Coeur
Back on the 26th edition<

Saturday, March 16, 2019, it is under a radiant sun, that took place the day of the checks in the enclosure of the most beautiful palace of the world, La Mamounia in Marrakech, chooses as place of departure and arrival of this 26th edition of the Rally Morocco Classic – The Route of the Heart.

This unprecedented departure for the 28 participating crews made it possible to leave the “red city” in the direction of the foothills of the Atlas, snow-covered in the distance, for a first test of regularity in the Agafay desert, before the lunch break organized in this area. desert dominated by the giants of the Atlas. The continuation of the course was a winding and fast playground, before a second test of regularity presenting several changes of directions and which would disorient some competitors. The Porsche 911 of the winners 2018 will unfortunately not go further and the crew MEZIANE & CHEMAO will have to give up, with great regret. The Atlantic Ocean, the end of this first stage, was outlined in the distance, while the machines, drivers and copilots were now “in leg” to face the rest of the Rally. The husband and wife MARIS, driving their Aston Martin DB6 flying, took the lead in the overall standings with a second and a third place in special.

The second stage, looping around Agadir, completely new, gave pride of place to the “valley of paradise” whose road winds through the meanders of a wadi nestled in the middle of arid mountains, sometimes with dizzying cliffs , with three regularity tests not far from the Immouzzer waterfalls. The lunch in Taghazout, feet in the sand, offered for him the possibility of going to tutoyer the waves of the Ocean. The inexhaustible rallying resources of the region made it possible to organize another special stage in the afternoon when the only female crew of the rally, BENAMOUR & HIRIART, offered us a superb spin at the wheel of their Morgan, before returning to Agadir for a deserved rest. The RAYNAL & FIGARET crew will win two special stages and take control of the event, while the GHISTELINCK & DAVID crew returned to third place with two regularity test victories…
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